NCORE 2019

The second edition of NCORE focuses on Assessments in Early Intervention.
Accurate and timely assessments can help plan appropriate services and improve outcomes in early intervention. This conference aims to provide you with the best of information and experience in terms of varied assessment tools in early intervention. The two-day conference has hands -on experience workshops planned for a day, followed by select sessions by speakers on day two.


Demystify and help choose appropriate Sensory, motor and global developmental scales. The programming has been designed to address various attributes in early intervention


Two solid workshops to give you an edge in understanding and facilitating Neurodevelopment Care

Poster Presentation

Scientific papers in the form of poster presentations are invited


  • Training in Hammersmith Infant Neurological Assessment Scale
  • Hands-on experience in hearing assessment for high risk infants
  • Demystify and help choose appropriate motor, sensory, speech & language, and global developmental scales
  • Role of Hearing-screening in early intervention
  • Supporting parents through the transition from NICU to home
  • Early-intervention experiences from Chennai

Key Takeaways

Top key takeaways for participants.

NCORE 2018 Highlights



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